Mirko Sodja
4267 Srednja vas v Bohinju

Tel.: 386-4-572-34-62
GSM: 386-31-582-229

Bank account at Gorenjska banka d. d., Kranj
IBAN: SI56076224532779903

Dear Guests!

We wish you a pleasant stay and hope that you will enjoy all the beauties and opportunities that Bohinj has to offer.

We would like to provide you with all the information in connection to your stay in our apartments and all general information that every guest who comes to visit Bohinj needs.

We would like to meet all of your expectations and we are at all times available for any additional information.

Once again, we wish you a pleasant stay in Studor, Bohinj and all its surroundings!

  • From 2.00 p. m. to 7.00 p. m. if not agreed otherwise.
  • Guests shall announce their arrival to the owner, they will be signed in as guests by the owner on the basis of a passport or any other identification.
  • If guests carry any equipment that is not allowed in the apartments, it should be reported to the owner and agreed on its storage and costs connected to that.
  • Guests pay caution money for any damage caused during their stay.
  • Before occupying the apartments, guests verify together with the owner if the equipment and appliances conform to the inventory.

  • Guests should depart the apartments until 11.00 a. m. otherwise additional day is charged.
  • Before handing in the keys and payment, together with the owner the guests verify if the apartment and equipment suffice the starting inventory.
  • The guests shall indemnify all the damage that arose on furniture, floor, windows, equipment or on the house and its surroundings (garden, hallway etc.) during the time of accommodation – in cash before departing.
  • All services in connection with the accommodation and indemnities for the caused damage shall be paid to the owner.
  • If guests wish to depart prior to the agreed date, they shall notify the owner at least one day prior to departure until 10.00 a. m., if not, additional day will be charged.

We guarantee:
  • A safe and regulated access to the apartment (road, illuminated hallways, dustbin and refuse collection)
  • A visible categorisation label of the apartment, prices and tourist tax amount
  • Appropriate equipment in the apartments and complete set which shall be sufficient for one person more than there are beds available
  • All kitchenware
  • Automatic adjustable heating during winter
  • Additional services according to price list
  • Final cleaning of the apartment after guest departure
  • Reception and registration of guests

We kindly request that all guests consider and follow the following regulations:
  • The apartments should be accommodated only with the number of guests that have been registered.
  • Visitors are allowed upon agreement with the owner.
  • Pets are not allowed in the apartments except upon prior agreement with the owner, it is not allowed to bathe pets in the apartment.
  • We ask for an attentive use of the inventory and installations, the guests should turn the lights off and close the water taps.
  • It is not allowed to remove or displace the inventory or take it out of the apartment.
  • No inflammable and explosive materials or substances with offensive smell are allowed in the apartments.
  • It is not allowed to use electrical household appliances except those that are part of the inventory.
  • When leaving the apartments, guests shall lock the entrance door, because we do not bear any responsibility for thefts.
  • We have the right to cease further accommodation by a 24-hour notice if guests will disturb order and peace, other guests or the neighbourhood.
  • Before departure guests should check for all belongings (wardrobe or any other things).

Upon departure:
  • All kitchenware should be washed, dried and put in drawers.
  • No food should be left in the drawers (oil, vinegar, salt, sugar etc.).
  • Refrigerator should be turned off and opened.
  • Bed linen should be put off; blankets and pillows should be folded at the end of the bed or put in the closets.
  • Wardrobes and other drawers should be empty.
  • No rubbish should be left in the apartments.